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70 North Plains Road, Suite C
The Plains, Ohio 45780


(740) 797-1405

(877) 351-0405

Fax: (740) 797-3105
TTY: (740) 797-2817



Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.





Community Partners at the



The Work Station

Representatives of local agencies come to the OhioMeansJobs - Athens County / The Work Station to offer centralized services and recruiting efforts for employers and job seekers.

If you wish to speak with one of the Community Partners, stop by our location at 70 N. Plains Road, Suite C, The Plains, Ohio. Appointments are appreciated, but are not required.


Listed below are the Community Partners who are on site regularly.  Please watch for special meetings and events at the OhioMeansJobs - Athens County / The Work Station throughout the year.


The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Representatives from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services are available several days each week to meet with area residents.      For more information contact them at (740) 797-1405; or visit the OhioMeansJobs website.



Veterans Services

The mission of Veterans Workforce Services is to provide policies and procedures regarding veterans programs and services necessary for the state to implement the Job for Veterans Act. 


Our goal is to assist eligible veterans, including disabled veterans, campaign veterans, and other targeted veterans and eligible spouses in alleviating unemployment and underemployment. 

Policies and programs are implemented to increase opportunities for veterans to obtain employment, job training, intensive services and assistance in employment and training programs. 

Visit their website: Ohio Veterans Services




Senior Employment Program

For information about Senior Employment Programs, contact Goodwill Industries, Inc. (740) 450-6060. 




Tri-County Adult Career Center
A representative from the Tri-County Adult Career Center visits our site frequently to speak with area residents about educational and job training programs they offer.

Area residents are asked to call the OhioMeansJobs - Athens County / The Work Station or Tri-County Adult Career Center to make an appointment with the representative.

Visit their website: Tri-County Adult Career Center



Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
A representative from the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation visits our site regularly to speak with area residents about their programs. Area residents are requested to make appointments to speak with an OBVR representative.

Visit their website: Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation


Athens County Department of Job and Family Services

13183 State Route 13, Millfield, Ohio 45761-9901

(740) 797-2523 or (800) 762-3775